Do you have the wrong kind of debt? The kind that is not tax-deductible?

Most of us do. The wealthy have debt too. The difference is they routinely turn their loans into “good debt” by
making the interest tax-deductible with the help of expensive accountants and lawyers.

So while the wealthy are transforming their house mortgage loans into free tax refunds, the rest of us are paying off huge amounts
of mortgage interest with after-tax income. Until now.

The Smith Manoeuvre has introduced a new, simple, and powerful method that extends those tax-saving benefits to the rest of Canadians.

It is now possible for you start turning your bad debt into good debt, right away.

As a Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional Mortgage Agent I can show you how.

“Thank you Mortgages On Point! Our situation was not typical however, our journey had so many twists and turns and you were able to get it done.”

Romona D

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